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Elan Wingman 82 TI Skis 19/20


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When you need that little boost of confidence to send it, reach for Elan's Wingman 82 TI Skis. They have your back for all mountain fun in variable conditions. Elan does this by giving the skis their award-winning Amphibio profile, a dedicated left and right ski with both rocker and camber profiles which means you get the best of both, edge grip and easy turning. So you can carve hard on groomers and navigate choppy conditions with precision. At 82 mm waist width this ski leans toward groomers but is still capable of dabbling in some off-piste adventures. Make the Wingman 82 TI skis your best companion this winter season, you won't regret it!

Amphibio Profile
The Amphibio profile is a revolutionary ski design that integrates both rocker and camber profiles into dedicated left and right skis. Amphibio skis feature a cambered inside edge assuring precision, edge grip, and stability while a rockered outside edge provides forgiveness, turning ease and smooth transitions.

Amphibio TruLine Technology
Amphibio Truline elevates the asymmetrical ski design to the next dimension by strategically locating materials over the edges of the skis. The structural material is placed over the full length of the inside ski edge, providing more stability to power the turn - while less material is applied over the outside edge, resulting in a smooth and easy perfect turn.

SST Sidewall Construction
The SST Sidewall Construction provides quick, nimble and direct power transmission from the ski to snow as well as providing exceptional torsional rigidity.

Laminated Wood Core
This tip-to-tail Laminated Wood Core is specially shaped for each model and size. Using different wood types in various combinations allows for the adjustment of the flex pattern for different types of performance. This extremely responsive and highly durable wood core transmits power directly to the edges and excels in a variety of conditions.

Mono Ti Construction
Mono Ti construction uses a single layer of titanium on top of the woodcore for increased performance and responsiveness.

- Ability Level: Intermediate/Advanced
- Gender: Men's
- Terrain Type: Carving
- Waist Width Range: 80 mm - 89 mm
- Twin Tip: No
- Rocker Type: Rocker/Camber
- Core: Wood
- Construction: Sandwich
- Base: Sintered
- Warranty: Manufacturers Standard 2 Year Warranty