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BOTE 10x10 Inflatable Floating Dock


This item is not available for purchase online. Please call 208-429-8855 to order.
The BOTE Dock is a floating inflatable dock + swim platform. Simple. It's highly stable, incredibly durable construction makes the BOTE dock one of the most versatile products we make. Take it to the lake house, float it off the beach, use it as a yoga platform, lash a few together to increase your real estate. The possible uses are endless.

Misprint on Dock valves. Do not inflate above 10 PSI.

Does Your Dock Float?

The Docks have plenty square footage of floating real estate and are 8 inches thick, but what will they really hold? We've put the Docks to the test and summarized the results for you. In short, there is always room for one more to join the party!

Care & Storage
Getting the BOTE Dock on and off the water is simple. First remove the folded dock from the burrito wrap, unfold, attach the pump hose to the inflation valve and fill 'er up. Testing has shown that the Docks perform best with a balance of stability and flexibility. To ensure your Dock performs as intended please inflate to no greater than 10 PSI. When you are ready to pack it up, do everything in reverse ...easy as 1,2,3. Do not store your Dock out of the water in direct sunlight.

- Multiple Grab Handles

- BVA Deck Pad
- Cooler Tie Downs
- Attachment Points to Mount Accessories
- Inflation Valve
- Anchor Points on Each Corner
- Thich Rails for Stability

10x10 Dock Specs
- Inflated Dimensions: 10'W x 10'H x 8"D

- Folded Dimensions: 63"W x 22"H x 10"D
- Capacity: 1500 lbs
- Average Weight: 72 lbs
- Recommended Inflation: 6-8 PSI
- Maximum Inflation: 10 PSI

What's Included
- 10x10 Inflatable Dock

- Dock Burrito Sling
- Manual Hand Pump
- Repair Kit: Patches, Glue, & Valve Tool

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