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Atomic Warden MNC 13 Ski Bindings 19/20


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The Atomic Warden MNC 13 is a whole new generation of binding that will accept almost any sole you have on your ski boot: standard alpine, Walk to Ride (WTR), or hybrid. That's what the MNC is for - Multi Norm Certified. This binding was inspired by backcountry skiers who don't want to change their boots when they want to spend a day ripping the resort. Thanks to the Oversized Platform and U Power Toe, the Warden 13 combines the strength and precision you need on-piste with the smooth, progressive power transfer and control you need when skiing all over the mountain and through any snow. Progressive Transfer Pads provide a progressive feel with increased dampening and forgiveness in a strong binding.

Multi Norm Certified (MNC)
MNC bindings feature an adjustable toe height and sliding anti-friction device (AFD) toe piece. These bindings are TUV-approved for all three types of soles: DIN (ISO 5355), Touring (ISO 9523), and Walk To Ride (WTR). That means they fit every normed boot on the market.

Walk To Ride (WTR)
WTR compatible bindings are compatible with Walk To Ride (WTR) boots – boots with special grip pads for better walking. WTR boots and bindings are completely safe, just like any other DIN boot/binding combo.

Automatic Wing Adjustment
Automatic Wing Adjustment adapts automatically to your boot lug width and height, for proper retention and release values. That means maximum safety and performance.

Oversized Platform
Oversized Platform is a super-wide platform that allows for maximum lateral power transmission.

Progressive Transfer Pads
Progressive Transfer Pads are special inserts in the toe and heel that increase dampening and forgiveness.

Freeski Brakes
Freeski Brakes are self-retracting brakes, adapted to modern skis and practices, that eliminate hang-ups on switch landings.

- Automatic Wing Adjustment
- U Power Toe
- Oversized Platform
- Progressive Transfer Pads
- Manual Toe Height Adjustment