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Fix Truce Unisex Snowboard Bindings 19/20


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The Fix Truce bindings offer a super responsive freestyle binding at an amazing price. Backed by Fix's lifetime warranty on the base tray and buckles, these bindings provide consistent high-performance from day one onward. Using first shot nylon (no regrind material) ensures a strong, durable hi-back. These medium-flex bindings are made with longevity and top-performance in mind.

- First Shot Nylon
- Tool-Less Tech
- Glass Fill Nylon Highback
- Tool Free Forward Lean
- Memory Gel Ankle Strap
- Cast Aluminum Buckles
- Glass Fill Nylon Baseplate
- Adjustable Footbed
- EVA Footbed
- 4x4 Disc with 2 Hole Slider Compatibility
- Lifetime Base & Tray Warranty
- Ridden By: Axel Theoret, Frank Belanger, Vince Grandmaison, Blake Parrish

First Shot Nylon
Every highback and base tray uses first shot pure nylon. No regrind, no old material that make bindings weak and susceptible to breakage.

Tool-Less Tech
Get your setup just right without having to worry about bringing a tool along. Fast, easy, simple—that's Fix.

Memory Gel Ankle Strap
So soft and comfortable, Fix's ankle straps conform to your boots like ooze eliminating pressure points and preventing damage to the straps themselves.

Adjustable Footbed
Extend the length of your base trays with a simple tool free three position adjustment.

EVA Footbed
Not so soft that it packs out and not so firm that it causes foot and leg fatigue after a long day of riding.

4x4 Disc with 2 Hole Slider Compatibility
Fix bindings mount to 4x4, 4x2 as well as the 2 hole slider system.

- Ride Style: Park/Freestyle
- Flex: Medium
- Binding Straps: Performance
- Compatibility: Standard, Channel